Bishopwearmouth Cemetary March 2020

I recently posted on the Universe blog regarding the history of this cemetary, and the pictures I took with my FujiXT2. You can read that HERE. I also took my Canon loaded with some Pancro 400 B&W film, and now that the lab is up and running again, I’ve had it processed and so here are some of the results.


  1. I have a Canon EOS1000, but haven’t tried it out yet, the lens has a bit of fungus in it unfortunately. And for some reason it doesn’t agree with any third party lenses, even with an adapter. Some very nice shots there, it is sad to see old buildings in disrepair though….

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      1. Yes I tried on my dslr and it is not good. The only full frame lens I have that will work is the 75 -300 which is a bit long to shoot a whole roll of film with. Something will turn up though 😉

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  2. Cemetaries like this are always good for photography as well as to admire the memorials to loved ones. The angels are so beautiful, and the one dedicated to Joanna is lovely. I can Nobody Owens wandering here a bit, and in the chapel.

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