Italy on Film (1)

I shot a roll of Kodak Portra whilst I was in Italy last month, and as it will no doubt be forever until I get round to a blog post over on The Universe I thought I’d show a few I took around where we stayed.

At the American War Cemetery, near Florence.

It was our first full day in Italy, and the morning was very rainy- we stood under a tree for ages!

By the time we got to the Commonwealth Cemetery at Catana, it had started to clear up.

still showery though!

I also took a couple of shots around the Villa Caruso Bellosguardo in Lastra La Signa when we visited. No more rain, glorious sunshine but a bit mad hot for me at 30 degrees!


That’s it for now, but more to come yet.

9 thoughts on “Italy on Film (1)

  1. You already know how much I love to see real film. The first shot of the river is sublime, and looks as if it could have been taken in the 1930s.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Beautifully captured, Fraggle. I’m glad you didn’t let the rain keep you from enjoying this. Hugs on the wing!

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  3. It’s the texture of film I think….love those old statues!

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  4. Love your film Work Fraggy. I just wish there was more!

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    1. I’ve a few rolls yet to take 😊


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