Tynemouth,South Shields & Seaburn, 1995

Before living up here in Tyne & Wear was even a blip on my radar, I brought Ben up for a cheapo holiday. We stayed in a lovely little B&B in Seaburn, and played on the mostly deserted beaches.

Marsden Rocks



small person in a big world

Jumping the waves


13 thoughts on “Tynemouth,South Shields & Seaburn, 1995

  1. You’ve always had the eye havent you?Great shots and that they are old photos adds something too…and it looks gorgeous around there!

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    1. Thanks Clare, they are 20 odd years old now and very little has changed, still not a touristy place (thankfully) πŸ™‚

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  2. These are amazing. What a beautiful part of the world!

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    1. Thanks Laura, it isn’t bad is it πŸ™‚ I love it up here, at least when the weather is nice!


  3. wow, Ben must have some awesome memories

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    1. Um not sure he does remember that far back, I do though! πŸ™‚

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      1. Sounds like my Daughter…. she claims she doesn’t remember her early years either

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  4. We have very similar places in the Peruvian coast. When Sir Francis Drake arrived he probably felt like coming home. Your colours are the colours of my childhood as well, hoping all is well in your life, fragglerocking. ^_^

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    1. Hiya Francis, I’m well thanks, hope you are too! Nice to see you pop up!

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      1. Thank you, fragglerocking. I wanted for so long to come back. n_n

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